NorCo Cheerleader of the Week November 2nd

Cheerleader of the Week: Madisyn A. We are honored to announce Madison A. as this weeks Cheerleader of the Week.  Madison is a member of the Senior Level 2 team at Norco Elite.  Madison is in the gym three days a week working to improve her stunting and tumbling skills. Every practice

United Elite Tiny Team to Start September 14th!

United Elite will have a Tiny Team joining their Competitive All Star Program beginning September 14th!! We are looking for athletes ages 3-5 years old (or still 5 years old as of August 31st) to join our Tiny Team! Practices will be Mondays from 6-7:30pm. These tiny athletes will work all aspects of

AED and CPR Training

Are you in need of AED and CPR training and certification? Do you need to renew your AED and CPR training certification? Come to United Elite on Sunday, July 12th at 10:00am for AED and CPR training. The cost is $25. The training session is open to anyone needing or wanting


When it comes to exercise related to cheerleading, most of us think cardio and legs. While these things are definitely important in the cheer world, perhaps the number one exercise that we take for granted is core strengthening. Core strength is vitally important to the exercise regime of a cheerleader

Life Lessons Through Cheerleading

Our competitive cheerleading world is not just about the skills you can acquire or the competitions, there is so much more to gain from being on a team like this. One of the most valuable things I took away from my many years of competitive cheerleading were the lessons I

United Elite’s First Time at The Summit

This past weekend, United Elite had the great honor to have two teams (Monsoon & Hurricanes) compete at one of the most prestigious and difficult competitions in the country, The Summit. The Summit is the definitive all levels National Championship. The best of the best in all non-Worlds divisions are awarded

Yes, Cheerleaders are Athletes!

First things first, do you think cheerleading is a sport? By now, I am sure most of you reading this do think it is a sport. The cheerleading we take pride in is competitive, fun, hard work, rewarding, and even more dangerous than other sports than have been around for

Cheerleader of the Week: Ferron M.

Cheerleader of the Week: Ferron M. Ferron is a member of our Junior level 3 team, Monsoon.  Ferron is an incredibly talented athlete who you can ask to do anything and she is down to try it!  She always comes to practice with a positive attitude and you can always count on

Cheerleader of the Week: Nicki S.

Cheerleader of the Week: Nicki S. Nicki is a member of our Senior Level 5 team, Lightning and has joined our Senior Level 4 team, Hurricanes for The Summit.  She is an incredibly talented athlete who has been with United for three seasons and has made an impact every single season.  Nicki

Come Check Out The New North Metro Elite

North Metro Elite has moved to a new location and will be starting classes on Monday April 6th.  Please check out our April schedule on the North Metro Elite web page.   North Metro Elite will be hosting an Open House and free Open Gym on April 11th from 4-6pm.  Everyone is