United Elite Winter Challenge Schedule

View Our Events Calendar Winter Challenge 2017 United Elite Schedule   Cost: $15.00 per tumbling/stunting class $8.00 per open gym $8.00 per Workout Class (10% discount/Class by being a part of the Winter Cheerlympic Games)   1-Day Pass: $40Part of Winter Cheerlympic Games: 1-Day Pass:$35December 27th-30th & January 3rd-6th Wednesday: December 27th Back handspring Boot camp/Tuck Yeah! 11:00-12:00pm On the run! Running tumbling

Colorado Elite Winter Challenge Schedule 2017

Winter Challenge 2017 Colorado Elite ScheduleCost: $15.00 for Tumbling and Stunting Classes $8.00 for Open Gym, Little Friends and Workout Classes   December 18th-21st Monday: December 18th 11-12 BHS Bootcamp/Tuck Yeah! 12:30-1:30 On The Run! Running tumbling class 1:30-2:30 Open Gym 2:30-3:30 Explosiveness & Agility Tuesday: December 19th 10:00-11:00 Little Friends 11:00-12:00 Open Gym 12:30-1:30 COED STUNT CLASS 1:30-2:30 BHS Bootcamp/Tuck Yeah! 2:30-3:30 Strength

Elite High School Spotlight: Mountain Vista Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTMOUNTAIN VISTA VARSITY Mountain Vista Coed will never take no for an answer. When they are faced with an obstacle or a setback, it will only motivate them to work harder. They are constantly striving to be better than they were the day before. We have no doubt

Elite High School Spotlight: Douglas County Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTDOUGLAS COUNTY VARSITY Douglas County Varsity are a fun group of hardworking girls! Every time they are in the gym, they have all of their coaches laughing with them! They have a great balance of fun and hard work. They are always striving for perfection while also pushing

Elite High School Spotlight: Coronado Varsity

CORONADO VARSITYThe Cougars of Coronado Varsity are coming back strong after taking the previous season off from competing.  These girls have such heart and always show up for each other and work really hard for their team.  This is such a young team, and that is what makes them so

Spread Christmas Cheer(leading) Event

Don’t just deck the halls, tumble through them with our “Spread Christmas Cheer(leading)” Event! To start the day off kids will receive bells with ribbon around them so they can tie them to their ankles and “jingle all the way” through our Christmas themed tumbling class. Then they will learn

Elite High School Spotlight: Legend Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTLEGEND VARSITY The Varsity team form Legend High School is comprised of a bunch of hardworking talented girls. This team continues to impress us every week with their determination and drive to be the best team that they can be. We cannot wait to see what they can

Elite High School Spotlight: Rangeview Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTRANGEVIEW VARSITY Rangeview Varsity is one of the most determined and hardworking teams we have the pleasure of working with. When they are faced with obstacles, they attack them head on. We know that no obstacle will keep this team from success. Rangeview has already reached so many

Elite High School Spotlight: Chaparral Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTCHAPARRAL VARSITY Chaparral Varsity is a team that is very driven for success. There is no sacrifice too great for this team to make for their team. They continue to push themselves to reach all of their goals. With their determination and hard work, we know they will

Elite High School Spotlight: Cherry Creek Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTCHERRY CREEK VARSITY Working with Cherry Creek has been an awesome experience. Every single athlete on this team has a ton of personality and heart. They have worked hard this season, and overcome many obstacles. We have no doubt that with their determination and passion we know the

Elite High School Spotlight: ThunderRidge Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTTHUNDERRIDGE VARSITY ThunderRidge Varsity COED is a dedicated, driven, respectful team. There is nothing that comes before their teammates. Every single practice they strive to push themselves and their teammates to be the best that they can be. We have no doubt that with this determination that they

Elite High School Spotlight: Valor Christian Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTVALOR CHRISTIAN VARSITY The Eagles from Valor Christian are much more than a team, they are a family. Through obstacles and hard practices, they support each other and push each other to be their best. Every member of the team is a very valuable part of their family.

Elite High School Spotlight: Cherokee Trail Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTCHEROKEE TRAIL VARSITY Working with Cherokee Trail Varsity is always a good time!  They are some of the most determined athletes we work with.  They have fought through injuries this season and consistently come back stronger!  This team knows what it means to be a family and it shows at

Elite High School Spotlight: Cherry Creek JV

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTCHERRY CREEK JUNIOR VARSITY Cherry Creek JV is comprised of very eager and passionate group of girls. Every single practice they have had at the gym, they are so excited to work on new skills and are always striving to improve! One of our favorite things about these

Elite High School Spotlight: Douglas County Junior Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTDOUGLAS COUNTY JUNIOR VARSITY The Huskies from Douglas County JV are a very hardworking group of girls. They always come to the gym with positive attitudes and are very spirited team! They have faced many obstacles this year and have continued to push through and overcome them with

Elite High School Spotlight: ThunderRidge Junior Varsity

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTTHUNDERRIDGE JUNIOR VARSITY The best way to describe the Junior Varsity team from ThunderRidge is, determined! Throughout the season they have faced many obstacles. With every obstacle they have faced, they have continued to work hard as a team and overcome each obstacle with grace and success. Working

Elite High School Spotlight: Cherokee Trail JV

ELITE HIGH SCHOOL SPOTLIGHTCHEROKEE TRAIL JUNIOR VARSITY The cougars from Cherokee Trail JV are a one of a kind team. The majority of this team started off this season with no cheer experience, however, you would not be able to tell watching them today. Their hard work and determination have pushed