Yes, Cheerleaders are Athletes!

First things first, do you think cheerleading is a sport? By now, I am sure most of you reading this do think it is a sport. The cheerleading we take pride in is competitive, fun, hard work, rewarding, and even more dangerous than other sports than have been around for centuries. People tend to forget that small piece, the danger that comes with our sport and the hard work and long hours it takes to reach the perfection we desire. This perfection we strive for is that unflawed, 2 and a half-minute routine that is always so close we can taste it.

Every cheerleader and athlete in general wants to be successful and reach his or her ultimate goals, but how easy can it really be? Some people may not have had the experience of hitting a zero deduction routine before because it is that hard of a task to complete. Those two minutes consists of hundreds of skills packed in to one routine, of course it is going to be difficult to hit perfection!

Because of the hard work and dedication it takes to reach a flawless performance, we must put in the blood, sweat, and tears like every other athlete does in every sport. We are athletes just like the rest of them, so we must take the time to care and nurture our bodies for that athleticism. Take the time to realize getting a new skill on the hard floor is going to take much more time, work, and overall strength to get that trick. A trampoline is much nicer to your body than the floor is, imagine all the effort you have to put in.

So do not get frustrated and let yourself give up, you are on your way to success just by being present and wants to improve! Everything takes time and hard work to get there, it will happen for you. Stay motivated, stay pushing, and do those extra lunges, because the stronger you are mentally and physically; we can help you reach your goals as an Elite family!


By: Amanda Tunison