Working Towards Greatness For the Future

Now that our successful season is over, it is the time to reflect and look back on your journey. Was it amazing and fun? Did you make best friends that you have not been able to get away from? Did you become a national champion? Whatever that special memory is, or several special ones, I’m sure you want to keep creating more! Let’s figure out how we can do that…

There are two things you can do to start working towards another season of exciting and life changing memories. Why not start now?! The success you reached this season was something of greatness and you can continue on that path.

To keep working towards greatness, do not forge to support, encourage, and motivate yourself. You control most things in life; nobody can get you that new tumbling pass but yourself. But be positive and motivate yourself at all times, there is no harm done in encouraging yourself. You might think it is silly but if you cannot motivate yourself how do you expect any of your teammates to? It starts with you!

The second thing you can do to keep working towards greatness is positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are small ideas or sentences you put together that forms a positive thought. For example, “I am hardworking and deserve to reach a new level of tumbling this season”. Or “I am motivated and willing to try new skills”, etc. you can make anything you put your mind to a positive affirmations.

The more you positive affirmations you have, the better! You will be creating positivity and these thoughts around you, putting them in your head into your cheer world will help you and others keep on track and motivated to reach whatever new heights you have in mind!

By: Amanda Tunison