Why Stretch?

What happens when you don’t stretch?

Well nothing for awhile. As long as you’re working out you will continue to get stronger, if you diet then you will lean out a little bit. Then one day you wake up with a pain in your lower back. Then do to the pain you stretch out bit and lean over to touch your toes and then everything is fine and you forget about it and go about your training schedule. Your lifts look good, your posture is ok, and your body looks good. However, at the end of a long day f sitting you notice that you back is hurting even more. You continue to go on with your workout schedule and then one day you go to squat and you feel something tweak out in your lower back. Unfortunately do to the pain you don’t stretch this one out because you can barely even breathe. You chalk it up to an injury of the sport, stuff happens right?

This could have all been avoided though, and with a simple stretching routine you can keep your body healthy and in much better shape. As you lift and increase strength you also increase the tightness of your muscles and therefore the potential to rip or tear them grows. This could ultimately even lead to herniation of vertebrate disks and so on.

Long story short, stretching is essential to not only be a top performing athlete but to also feel loose and limber on a daily basis. Your posture will improve, your sleep will improve, and of course your range of motion will improve. Stretching is one of the single most important steps in getting to optimal performance as an athlete. So next time your coach harps on you for not stretching enough they are just looking out for your best interest.