What to Keep in Mind When Your Child Wants to Try Out for All-Star Cheerleading

If your child has a passion for cheerleading, trying out for All Star Cheerleading is a natural step. However, you and your child need to be aware of what is involved before trying out for a competitive team. Here are a few things to consider.

The Commitment

When a child makes an All Star Cheerleading team, travel will likely be intense. As opposed to school cheerleading where events are mainly local, cheerleaders on all-star teams travel distances to compete. You want to make sure you and your child are ready to put in the commitment before considering this sport.

Those who do end up traveling for cheerleading need to make sure they have the vehicle to do so. If you’re looking for a bigger vehicle for all the traveling involved, consider the benefits of a full-size SUV or other large vehicle. You can bring your child, friends, and family and still have plenty of room to store equipment comfortably.

Staying Healthy

Cheerleading can be hard on a child’s body even as it helps keep her in shape. That’s why you need to make sure your child stays healthy throughout her time on the team. Prioritize frequent, healthy meals, and make sure your child stays hydrated. Sleep is also essential for a child who is an All Star Cheerleader. After all the intense practice and strain on the body, your child will need quality sleep to restore and reset her body and mind.

You also need to be aware of your child’s mental health when she is involved in competitive sports. Make sure your child is not overly stressed about practice and competitions so you she can still enjoy the fun of cheer.

All the Extras

One thing that sets All Star Cheerleading apart from typical school cheerleading is all the extras. All Star Cheerleaders have to know how to tumble, dance, and cheer. Stunts are a regular part of competitive cheer.

There is also the cost. It’s expensive to be on a competitive team, and parents have to pay for travel and uniform expenses. A parent may also pay for private lessons for a child so she can learn any skills she may be lacking.

All Star cheerleading is a wonderful activity that is growing fast across the country. Just make sure you and your child know what to expect before getting involved.