We Are Elite

For over 10 years, we have been making athletes better at cheerleading and tumbling. When we started this company, our desire was to provide a cheerleading program centered on teaching. We wanted to make sure that in the modern push for awards and trophies that we had a program that would remain focused on the athletes. Our program does not glorify our coaches; we raise up our athletes. We want our athletes to be good humans when they are done with cheerleading. We want our athletes to make good decisions in their lives. We want our athletes to become fantastic adults. We hope that when their lives get tough our athletes are stronger from the lessons we have taught them.

We are Teachers

We believe that teaching our athletes to be better at cheerleading and tumbling will allow them to become better adults. We believe that sport, and cheerleading in particular, is one of the best ways to learn life lessons. We believe that teaching our athletes will make our teams better. We believe that teaching our athletes to be better at cheerleading and tumbling will raise cheerleading in Colorado to new heights. We believe that no matter where our cheerleaders go, they will be able to use what we have taught them.

We are Competitors

Our rivals would love for you to believe that our teaching first philosophy has made us less competitive. We compete at the Summit, our level 5 teams compete at USASF Worlds, and our teams regularly are competitive or victorious at competitions in Colorado. We feel that our teaching first philosophy is what has driven our success over the last 10 years. We feel that it is possible for our athletes to be disciplined and competitive in an environment that builds them up as athletes. Our success is proof that we can make your athletes better at cheerleading and tumbling, and be competitive as well.

We are Cheerleading in Colorado

We have athletes on teams all over Colorado. We have athletes on some of the most competitive college and high school teams in the state and around the country. They still come to us when it is time to learn new skills. We work to develop our athletes to the limits of their natural talent, and because we work so hard to optimize their skills, our athletes are very competitive when it comes to making the high school or college team of their choosing. Our coaching staff has relationships with most of the competitive programs in Colorado and around the country and we take advantage of our network to help our athletes find a program and have a chance to become a part of it. We believe in school cheer. Our high school program is the dominant force in High School cheerleading in Colorado.

We are our Staff

We believe that our staff is the best in the country, if not, the world. Our staff has been successful at every level. We have staff that have competed with the US National team. We have staff that have competed at the finals, or won, at every major college competition. Most of our staff members were in the finals or won at the high school level. We generally downplay their competitive accomplishments because as amazing as they are, our staff is even better at teaching. In our facilities, we have over 100 years of experience coaching. We have staff that have been members of the exclusive teaching staff for UCA, NCA and USA. We have staff members that have been part of the Core Staff and College Staff for those teaching organizations. Our staff have coached at every level, from middle school to all-star to college.


Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Elite Cheerleading is Synergy. We are Teachers. We are Competitors. We are our beliefs. We are the amazing individuals that comprise our staff. We are our Athletes. We are cheerleading in Colorado. As a new season of cheerleading is dawning over the mountains of Colorado, our STORM will continue to darken the skies.

We are ELITE and the STORM is here to STAY!