United Elite Winter Challenge Results

On Monday, January 4th, the United Elite All Star athletes wrapped up the All Star Winter Challenge.

Before the winter break, the coaches from Tsunami, Hail, Monsoon, Hurricanes and Lightning challenged their athletes to use the Winter Break as a time for rest, but also as a time to learn a new skill. This could be a tumbling skill of their choice, their new elite stunt sequence for their team, or even a new stunt skill that they do not yet have.

The rules; the athletes had the two weeks of winter break to come into the gym to learn their new skill. At the first tumbling practice back, the athlete had to perform the new tumbling or stunting skill, and if their coach deemed the skill as “competition ready”, then they would earn a bow for all of their hard work.

The challenge was a huge success in both tumbling and stunting!

Seven athletes earned new tumbling skills. Taylor Wo learned her round off back handspring two, Emily B learned her standing back handspring, Lyssa H learned her standing back tuck, Taylor Wy learned her round off back handspring layout, Izzie D learned her standing back handspring tuck, Jessie B learned her round off back handspring tuck through to back handspring tuck and Addison R learned her punch front through to round off tuck. Great job to all of our athletes who learned a new tumbling skill over the winter break!

Six stunt groups successfully perfected their elite stunt sequence or learned a new stunting skill. Janae R, Rylee W, Abby T, and Hailey M mastered their new elite stunt sequence for Hail. Janae R, Rylee W, Hailey M, and Taylor Wo also learned how to full down from extension! Keeping with Hail, Elli R, Brenda G, Sabrina R, and Mollie W also earned a bow for making their elite sequence for Hail competition ready. Arissa A, Elle D, Christina R and Shaina D perfected their elite stunt sequence for Tsunami. Abbi M, Grace S, Gabby B, and Emma Y also perfected their elite sequence for Tsunami. Carly C, Bri O, Bailey W, and Maddison C learned a kick kick double full basket, a new skill for Lightning. Logan R, Dani O, Nikki S, and Alexa A also earned a new stunt sequence for Lightning, performing a low to high tick tock, double up full around. Great job to all of our stunt groups for putting in work over the break to earn or perfect their stunting skills.

Great job to all of the athletes for their hard work over the Winter Break! This positive momentum is exactly what the United Elite All Stars will use moving into the most demanding part of the competition season. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to check out our video of all of these skills on our Facebook page as well. #WeAreElite