United Elite Summer Camp 2019

We have brought back our popular Camp Flip series from last year, added a new LifeLeaders Camp in July and added a brand NEW program this summer: One Day Fun-Day Themed Summer Camps!

Summer Camp Pricing

$299/1 camp

$550/2 camps

$195 per camp for 3 or more camps

One Day Fun-Day Themed Summer Camp Pricing

$75/1 camp
$135/2 camps
$175/3 camps
$220/4 camps

Camp Flip is our all-around skills camp and will focus on the physical aspect of cheerleading! This camp will be tumbling intensive, with a little fun peppered in to keep our athlete’s energy up! We will work on progressing in our tumbling, stunting, and motions. We will have tumbling, stunting, and motion classes, but also play games and learn fun dances to keep the day moving and enjoyable! These camps are a great way to stay sharp in and further develops your skills over the summer! A great season starts in the off season, so let’s spend the summer getter better together! Camp times are 9am-4pm. If you want to sign up for just one of the three days – you can come in for just 100$ for the whole day of Tumbling and activities!!



LifeLeaders Camp 7/9-7/12

LifeLeaders Camp is designed to keep children physically and mentally active all summer long. Lifeleaders Camp focuses more on the second part of being a cheerleader. We will focus on time management, self-sufficiency, community involvement, health and fitness, and other skills that will help them throughout their lives. We will still be teaching tumbling and cheerleading skills, but we will also be teaching kids skills necessary to be successful adults and leaders in today’s society. This camp is an awesome mixture of fun and learning that will inspire your athlete to be their best. We will learn through fun games and activities, so kids are having so much fun, they don’t even notice that they are learning at the same time! Along with all the life-skills that will be taught, we will also be teaching tumbling and cheerleading skills at the LifeLeaders Camps!

LifeLeaders Camp will go from 9am-4pm.

One Day Fun-Day Themed Summer Camps!

Princess Prep

Come dressed in your best gown and spend the day learning how to be a REAL princess. We will be having princess themed EVERYTHING…tumbling classes and games, a tea party, bounce houses, arts and crafts, and more! At the end of the day each princess will receive a certificate of completion, making them a certified princess.

The Ultimate Obstacle Course Camp

Campers will learn tumbling skills necessary to complete the obstacle course, make custom targets, and test their speed and accuracy in our American Gladiator/Titan Games inspired obstacle course. Awards will be given for top place, best shot, fastest time, and more!

Super Hero Boot Camp

Come dressed as your favorite hero (or make one up!), and learn what it takes to be a pro. Campers will learn some of the same move as their heroes, get to design a custom mask, and act out actions scenes. During the day our coaches will be filming and at the end of the camp will make a movie trailer starring your little hero!

Day of Wonder

Foster imagination and build memories and creativity to last a lifetime at the Day of Wonder Camp. Join us as we transform our tumbling gym and take you on an outer space, high sea, and fairytale adventure!


Early Bird (before May 1st): $55/1 camp $100/2 camps $135/3 camps $160/4 camps
Regular: $75/1 camp $135/2 camps $175/3 camps $220/4 camps

If you have any questions or want to sign up – please contact [email protected], call us at 303-799-6920 or fill out the contact form below: