United Elite’s First Time at The Summit


This past weekend, United Elite had the great honor to have two teams (Monsoon & Hurricanes) compete at one of the most prestigious and difficult competitions in the country, The Summit.

The Summit is the definitive all levels National Championship. The best of the best in all non-Worlds divisions are awarded bids from across the country to compete at this championship.  It is very difficult to receive a Summit Bid, in fact, only 10% of teams from across the country will make it to The Summit.

Monsoon and Hurricanes were awarded their Wild Card Bids to The Summit at UCA Mile High Regional in November, 2014.  That’s when their Summit training began.

Both teams had many successes after receiving their bids, including a UCA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for Monsoon!!

These athletes came in for every practice ready to prepare for the hardest competition of the season and at their Send Off last Tuesday, they proved they were ready to take on The Summit!!

Both teams gave amazing performances at their debut at The Summit and proved why they deserved their bids in the first place.

We are so incredibly proud of both of these teams for their hard work, dedication and incredible spirit that they brought this season and they will always be a part of the first United Elite teams to make the climb to The Summit!!!