United Elite Competition Day Wrap Up: All Star Winter Challenge

All Star Winter Challenge

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

At the final competition of 2014 for the majority of our United Elite teams, it was a great showing!!  This was a great competition for our athletes to get out on the floor one more time before the Winter Break to really showcase their routines and give them some further confidence going into the break.  Below you will find a wrap up of how each United team performed!

United teams pic

Junior 2, Tsunami: In another tight competition, Tsunami was rewarded with 1st place at the All Star Winter Challenge!  These young ladies can’t be stopped!

Junior 3, Monsoon: Monsoon came out strong on the floor and made some key improvements to their routine!  They ended up in 2nd in the biggest division of the competition!

Senior 2, Hail:  Hail continues to improve every time they hit that blue mat!  With their stellar performance they deserved their 1st place finish!

Senior 5, Lightning:  These Lightning Ladies came out on the floor with great energy and proved what a strong family they are out on the floor!  Coming away with 1st place, we can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the new year!

We are very proud of our United Elite teams and their performances at the All Star Winter Challenge!!  Every team continues to improve their performance from the last one!  Our next competition will be at the end of January, giving all of our teams time to really clean up and perfect their routines and even add in a little more difficulty!  Gooo Storm!!!