United Elite Athlete of the Week – July 20th – Haley R.

Cheerleader of the Week:

Haley R.

We are honored to announce Haley R. as our cheerleader of the week.  Haley is on our Lady Hail/Rain All Star Team this season.  This is Haley’s first season with United Elite and she has already made a strong impression.  She has worked extremely hard to get new tumbling skills and you can always count on her to push herself during team practice.  Every time she is in the gym she has a smile on her face and brings positivity to every practice.  We are so excited to see how far Haley will go this season!


Congratulations Haley on being this week’s cheerleader of the week! Keep up the hard work!

Get to know our Cheerleader of the Week:

What grade are you in?

“11th grade”

What school do you attend?

“Chaparral High School”

How long have you been cheering?

“This is my first year”

How long have you been apart of the United Elite Family?

“8 months”

What do you like to do with your free time when you are not cheering?

“Hanging out with friends, going hiking and boating”

What is your favorite part about being at United Elite?

“Everyone is super nice and supportive.  I feel very welcome and I’m always pushed to do my best”

What is your favorite part of a cheerleading routine and why?

“The dance because I have the most experience with it.  Before cheerleading I danced for 9 years”

What is your favorite tumbling skill?

“My back handspring, because I just got it

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to do something involving business, I’m interested in marketing”


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