United Elite Athlete of the Week: January 18th – Blake H.

Athlete of the Week:

Blake H. 

We are pleased to announce this week’s Athlete of the Week, Blake H. This is the third session Blake has been apart of the United Elite family. Every class she comes into the gym with a big smile on her face that is extremely contagious. She will without a doubt brighten up anyones day. Blake continues to improve her tumbling skills and loves to work hard. She loves to demonstrate drills and is very helpful when a classmate might not understand something.  Blake is also a dancing enthusiast in-between stations. She is such a fun, easy going athlete that we love to have in our rec program.  We can’t wait to watch Blake continue to improve her skills!

Get to know our Athlete of the Week:

What grade are you in?


What school do you attend?

“Cottonwood Creek Elementary”

How long have you been tumbling?

“3 years”

How long have you been apart of the United Elite Family?

“6-9 months”

What do you like to do with your free time when you are not tumbling?

“Blake dances around the house and bounces to any beat. She loves jumping on her trampoline and wrestling with her brother”

What is your favorite part about being at United Elite?

“Blake loves practicing and said on the way to the gym that she loves having Ms. Courtney as her teacher”

What is your favorite part of a tumbling and why?

“Blake really loves trying her cartwheels and round offs”

What is your favorite tumbling skill?

“Headstands are fun!”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“Some days a gymnastics teacher, somedays a horse trainer”