UCA Mile High Regional Competition

UCA Mile High Regional

The Elite family of teams showed great improvement from the Southern Colorado Regional a few weeks ago.  Our teams are showing their confidence on the mat, and hitting strong routines on the floor.  Congratulations to all of our teams this weekend, we can’t wait to see what Elite has to offer this year.


Colorado Elite



Junior 2 Falcons- The Falcons had an amazing performance and nailed their single bases and brought some great energy with the dance. The Falcons ended up with a big 3rd place finish in a tough division of 8 teams.


Senior 3 Coed Eagles- The Eagles soared at Mile High regional hitting a strong routine and wowing the judges. Hitting a zero deduction routine the Eagles took 1st place this weekend.


United Elite


Junior 2 Tsunami – Tsunami had their best performance to date, hitting a 0 deduction routine. They ended up in 2nd place in a division of 8 teams!


Junior 3 Monsoon – Monsoon gave a strong performance at UCA Mile High Regional excelling in their tumbling sections. The placed 5th in a division of 8 teams.


Senior 2 Lady Hail – Lady Hail had an incredible performance on the floor. They placed 1st in a tough division and came away with an At Large D2 Summit Bid!!


Senior 4 Hurricanes – Hurricanes came out on the floor with a lot of energy and a really strong opening.  They ended up in 2nd place and we can’t wait to see more from them this season.

North Metro Elite


Eclipse debuted a new routine in a brand new level at the UCA Mile High Regional Competition on Sunday, November 15th. Competing in the Senior Level  2 division, Eclipse had a strong warm up and were ready to take the floor. They had a rough start to the routine, but pulled together as a team and finished strong with great baskets and a strong pyramid. Eclipse finished in 4th place. The girls are excited to get back in the gym and work even harder for the next competition.

Northern Colorado Elite


Our Youth 2, Prestige, had a stellar performance this past weekend! They wowed the judges with their awesome stunt sequences and high energy. Prestige took home 2nd place.

Senior 2 Pride took the floor this weekend with awesome energy! Their performance included incredible baskets and single base extensions. Pride finished strong with 2nd place honors.

Junior 3 Perfection had an awesome performance this weekend! The judges and crowd alike were impressed with their clean elite stunts and pyramid. Perfection took home a 3rd place finish.

Senior 4 Power showed off their amazing tumbling skills on Sunday with a high-energy running tumbling section. They continue to impress the judges with their strong single base full-ups and high energy dance. Power finished the day in 3rd place.