UCA All Star Nationals Wrap Up

UCA All Star Nationals


What an incredible weekend Elite had at the UCA All Star Nationals in Orlando, FL.  Check out our placings and some highlights from our amazing teams!

NorCo Elite

Prestige – Youth level 2:Prestige rocked the floor this past weekend with solid tumbling skills and a zero deduction routine on day 2! This was Youth 2’s first nationals appearance and we could not be more proud of the progress this team has made over the season. Prestige finished the weekend strong and took home 5th place. Way to go, Prestige!


Perfection – Junior 3:Perfection had their two best performances of the year with an amazing elite stunt and impeccable tumbling! They finished 13th in one of the toughest division at the competition. This team has worked together to overcome multiple adversities over the past season. We could not be more proud of this outstanding group of athletes.


Pride – Senior 2:Pride stepped up to the challenge and left the judges wanting more! On day two Pride improved tumbling execution, stunt technique and overall energy. Not only did Pride earn a strong 2nd place finish, they walked away with the prestigious ZERO HERO buttons! Congratulations to Pride on your amazing season!


Power – Senior Coed 4:Power lived up to their name with powerful stunts, tumbling and fierce attitude! This team really came together over the season and proved they are more than just a team, they are family! Their performances were by far their best of the season, and they were the only NorCo team to move up in standings from day one. Congratulations Power on your 5th place finish!



United Elite

Tsunami – Junior 2: This past weekend, the 23 athletes of Tsunami performed their routine one last and final time. With a tough division of 9 teams from around the world, Tsunami walked away with a 4th place finish! These athletes had put in countless hours and hard work inside and outside of the gym to prove to the competition why they deserved to come out on top time and time again with Nationals being no exception. By the time this team took the mat at Disney World, they had already exceeded any and all expectations expected from their coaches and met every goal they had set as a team and as individuals at the beginning of the summer. This weekend was icing on the cake to an already outstanding season.


Lady Hail – Senior 2: Lady Hail had an exceptional competition down in Florida this past weekend. After a great practice the girls went out on day one and put on a show. They had great energy, they had fight and they were out to prove to each other why they are the Queens. After hitting a zero deduction routine and watching the play back they knew where they could improve to up their score. Day two was a day to remember! The girls came back from a rough warm up to hit not only a better routine but their second zero deduction routine of the weekend. While watching their routine play back the tears started rolling down everybody’s cheeks because they knew the accomplished their goal; hit their routine and do it better than day 1! The coaches are incredibly proud of these girls and know that they will continue to get better as they practice for The D2 Summit!


Monsoon – Junior 3: Monsoon had their best performances of the season at UCA Nationals! Day one they took the floor sharper and more excited than they have ever been. Followed by a flawless day two performance earning the “Zero Hero” pins given out by UCA to the teams who received 0 deductions. Monsoon started off the season with a lot of athletes who were either new to cheerleading or to level 3. We are so proud of how this team has progressed and bonded as a team. Every competition their performances continued to get better. We are very proud that Monsoon ended the season with their best performance all year!


Hurricanes – Senior 4: Hurricanes had a great weekend at UCA Nationals! They performed 2 extremely energetic routines that proved to the nation they were there to fight. They’ve shown great resilience this year pushing through changes to their team, injuries and difficult practices by ending their season with very competitive performances in Orlando. These girls have continually made their coaches proud and last weekend was no exception. Hurricanes had a great year and we can’t wait to see what all these wonderful athletes will do in the future.



North Metro Elite

Eclipse – Senior 2:  Leading up to Nationals, Eclipse kicked it into high gear during practice! Coming off of their National Championship win at The American Legacy in February, the ladies of Eclipse were determined to give the judges the best two performances of the season in Florida.  On day one, warm up was a little rocky, as nerves tried to get the best of the girls. But they pulled together, and encouraged each other all the way to the performance floor. They opened their day one routine with a strong elite sequence, beautifully times tumbling sequences and a strong dance. A small issue in the pyramid kept Eclipse from a zero deduction routine on day one, but this also lit a fire that drove the day two performance. On day two, they took warm up in stride, and brought out the best in one another. When these thirteen amazing athletes took the mat, they gave the performance of a lifetime. The elite sequence was clean and sharp. The tumbling was sharp and tight. The pyramid was flawless, and the dance left the crowd wanting more. Eclipse gave the judges a performance to remember. These ladies took home 6th in the Nation in the Small Senior Division. They worked together as a team, and ended their season with a performance that they can be nothing but proud of.


Colorado Elite

Falcons – Junior 2: on day one the Falcons brought great energy to the Sports Center arena. Nailing all of their stunts and sticking all of their tumbling they hit a zero deduction routine, putting them in a strong place going into day two. On the second day at the arena they brought the confidence and attitude we had been looking for all season. The Falcons took home 6th place at UCA nationals hitting two strong routines and having their best performance of the season.



Eagles – Senior Coed 3: on the first day at the arena the Eagles soared high with great timed full baskets, a strong jump sequence and high energy dance. After day one the Eagles were sitting in 11th place in a huge division. Day two the Eagles left everything out on the floor, nailing their stunt sequences and sticking all tumbling bringing their best performance to the mat. The Eagles moved up three spots on day 2 proud to bring home an 8th place finish to Colorado.