Tumbling Tips Thursdays!

It is Thursday, which means it is time for more tumbling tips. This week we will be focusing on a skill that is used to connect most running tumbling passes, the round off. Round offs are a fundamental skill used to connect backward rolls, back handsprings and tucks. Before moving on to your round off, make sure you have mastered your cartwheel, as your body will pass through a similar body position in your round off.

Here are a couple of tips when learning or perfecting your round off.

1. When first learning your round off, start in your lunge position with your dominate foot in front and arms by your ears.

2. Keep your arms by your ears as your reaching for the ground. Make sure to keep your chest up and reach out for the floor in front of you. Place your hands on the ground in the same line, just like your cartwheel.

3. As you place your hands on the ground, drive your non-dominate leg up towards the ceiling, squeezing your core and maintaing a tight body.

4. As you kick you dominate leg towards the ceiling, your legs should meet in the middle, over your hips. Your body should be in a handstand position during this point of the skill.

5. Once your feet are together at the top, and your body is in a handstand, you will keep your feet together, snap your toes down to the floor, blocking through your shoulders as your snap.

The key to a powerful round off is to keep your core tight through the entire skill. Just like our cartwheel, when your feet snap down in this skill, you will block thorough your shoulders and get your chest up. Your hands and your feet should never be on the ground at the same time.

As you progress, you can start to run, two-step, or power hurdle into your round off. Starting from a lunge will help you learn to keep your body tight and snap your legs down fast from the top and generate momentum from a standing position. As you run or power hurdle, you will create more momentum, making it easier to connect other tumbling skills to the round off.

Hope these tips help! Come back next Thursday for more tumbling tips.