Tumbling Tips Thursday!

Thursday can only mean one thing; it’s time for more tumbling tips! This week we are going to focus on a couple of tips that are very helpful when you are learning how to connect tumbling skills. We will focus on forward, or front, connected tumbling skills this week, out of a handstand forward roll step out round off rebound.

When connecting any tumbling skills, the most important tip is to keep your arms by your ears. Keeping your arms by your ears keeps your chest over your hips, as well as your head/neck protected by your arms.

Here are a couple of tips when learning or perfecting your handstand forward roll.

1. When reaching for your handstand, make sure to squeeze your core the entire time, keep your arms by your ears, and maintain a hollow position in your handstand.

2. As you hold your hollow body position, allow your toes to pass over your head, which will give you the feeling of falling. As your body begins to fall to the ground, tuck your chin to your chest and look for your belly button. Tucking your chin in will round out your back and allow you to roll, rather than flop on the ground.

3. As you look for your belly button, begin to bend your arms to lower yourself to the ground. You want to place your shoulders on the ground, not the top of your head. Keep your knees tucked in to your chest to allow your body to roll along the ground. Keep your momentum going forward by reaching forward with your chest, over your knees, and your arms by your ears.

4. As you are reaching forward, step your dominate foot out into a lunge position. Your arms will be by your ears, so as you transfer your weight onto your dominate foot, you can reach for your round off.

5. You complete the skill by rebounding in a hallow body with your arms by your ears and muscles tight.

The key to keeping your momentum when connecting skills is to make sure you keep your arms are by your ears and your body tight. If you need a visual demonstration of the handstand forward roll, check out the video below.

Hope these tips help! Come back next Thursday for more Tumbling Tips!