Tumbling Mental Blocks

Mental blocks plaque every team all over the world. No one team is above them whatsoever. It is how that team helps that individual through the mental blocks that determines how successful they are.


There are several seasons as to why individuals get mental blocks. Some athletes start from a very young age and have no fear and one day realize “I actually can get hurt.” Some mental blocks are caused by lack of progression in their skills. there is also where athletes are forced to do things their not comfortable with, or even athletes that are easily distracted. No matter what the root of the mental block is there is something that is getting in the way of that athlete pulling there skills. It typically doesn’t come down to the fact that athletes just have an attitude.


It is key to build up the athletes body to the point where the chances of injury are next to none. Then the athlete can focus on achieving the skill at hand rather than thinking about getting injured doing the reps necessary to get the skill.


Another good way to get athletes past their mental block to to isolate them from the group setting when there practicing specific skills they’re afraid of. This helps to build up confidence alone before performing the skill in front of a crowd that may not be as understanding as you are as a coach.


Overall, mental blocks are real and they are a very hard thing for athletes to work through on their own. Simply yelling at the athlete to “just do it” is not always the best answer.