The Magical Weekend is Closer than You Think!

As January quickly comes to an end, we have an exciting and eventful few months ahead of us. For here on out, every practice and performance is a step on the way to Nationals. Not only is it a step to Nationals, but a step closer to your next season of All-star Cheerleading. We talked about goals awhile back but they are so important that they are being brought up again!

Goals are crucial for athletes to make in order for complacency to not occur. This is the time of the season when things can get more difficult; illnesses, cold weather blues, loads of homework, family events, etc. can all make your days longer and harder to get through. But that’s where we come in! Our program has so much to look forward to for the rest of the season, setting goals and working together to reach greatness is a rewarding and bonding experience for all. This is the time to stay motivated and ask for help, rather than lay low and stay complacent with your skills and routine.

Every cheerleader has the potential to shine and improve immensely by the time March and April roll around. Why not make it a goal of yours to be one of the shining athletes?! If every athlete on each team set a personal goal for themselves, the entire team will improve as a whole. The passion and drive we see when an athlete gets a new skill is something magical I must say. You feel the joy with them, the excitement and emotions are overwhelming because the hard work and struggles have finally paid off. I want to see each and every athlete with that passion inside of him or her on the road to Nationals. If you feel like you are stuck, ask a coach or even a teammate. We are all in this together and here to help you, setting goals are what we thrive on!

So here’s the homework: Think of a personal skill that you want to attain by Nationals. If it is not a skill that is Level appropriate for your team, which is completely okay! Everyone is at his or her own level and pace, make your goal one that you believe you can and will reach!

Second: Make a list of conditioning, drills, etc. that can help you reach that goal. If you think that doing 50 sit-ups a day will help you get there, write it down! No answer or goal is wrong. We are all here to get excited and improve!

Last but not least: Make a goal for your entire team. If that goal is full team tumbling, then awesome! If it is getting a new specific stunt, then write that down. Any goal is a great goal to have!

These little exercises are to help each of you see that the road to Nationals is long from over. Not only will these skills help you get stronger, but improve you for the next season ahead! We have a few months that will fly by until March and we want to walk into that month feeling confident and excited with our athletes and the new heights they have reached.


By: Amanda Tunison