Take Control of Your Fears

What is the one thing keeping you from reaching your goals? A lot of the time it may be fear of the unknown, and new skills are unknown to you and your body. Through my own experiences, I faced my extremely rough days where fear took over and I could not get that next trick. I struggled because I was letting my mind take control and not trust that I knew what to do. My coach gave me numerous drills and the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the skill. I could do it, I was just afraid! I was frustrated and confused, why couldn’t I get away from this fear?

Thankfully, I found out I was not the only one and my teammates and even coaches explained that this was normal especially in the sport. After that, I decided to confide in my friends on the team and my coaches in order to get the support I needed. I told myself that was not going to let my fear take over and control my success. Slowly but surely, I got more comfortable with my skills. It didn’t take one day, it took countless hours and drills to gain the confidence.

If you are facing a challenge in your tumbling success or any other part of your cheerleading success, do not hesitate to go to your coaches and teammates and ask for help! Communicating with your coaches and letting them know your struggles and fears will help them help you. We have made our own mistakes in the past and are here to help you get through the hardships you face.

It is normal to be nervous when asking for help, but that is the only way to get somewhere, we have to work together! Also, ask your teammates for support and help. They have probably been afraid before too so you can feel like you’re not alone in the fight against your fears. Teammates can push you and cheer you on at practices and even outside of the gym, being there for you so you can succeed together! We are a family and that is what family is for, supporting one another no matter what.


By: Amanda Tunison