Success in the Coming Season

As we slowly but surely dive back into tryout season, it may be hard to stay motivated and excited when your body is sore and you are tired from Nationals practices. But now is the time to be pushing!

Tryouts are coming up for high school and all-star cheer and we want you to improve and succeed just as much as you do. April is right around the corner and being the best all around cheerleader you can be is right around the corner too! Stay motivated, strong, and focused with these few tips.

First, to stay motivated and focused: We are back to those goals again, so I am asking you to make a list! Make many lists! Make as many lists as you need to really see and visualize those goals and dreams of yours. Write it down, draw a picture, do something to make you see and feel that goal. Visualize yourself throwing that new trick, put the energy out that this is something you want and declare it!

Second, to stay strong: More importantly than conditioning and working out, you should be stretching your body immensely. The only way to get or stay strong is to be flexible as well. The best gymnasts at the Olympics are limber and stronger than ever. Strength comes from flexibility and endurance, but being strong and inflexible can make for more difficult days.

One important stretch that many forget or do not like is stretching ones shoulders and back. With all of the lifting and flipping that is done in our sport, stretching your shoulder and back is more important than ever. You can stretch this by doing bridges, seal stretches, and basic shoulder stretches we do at practices. The more flexible you are, the less sore and tight your body will be. It will work with you not against you!

Don’t forget to stay motivated, focused, and strong!


By: Amanda Tunison