Some Mistakes You May be Making in Your Workouts

As athletes we all want to workout on a regular basis to gain that athletic edge on our opponents. However, not all of us seem to be able to obtain the gains like some are. There are some common mistakes individuals may be making with their routines that will prevent them from obtaining the optimal results.


First off, a common mistake individual’s make is striving for a certain number of reps with each and every set rather than focusing on excellence. The number of reps doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things if the quality of reps is thrown out the window. Therefore, don’t be the athlete that brags about doing a million sit-ups if each and every sit-up wasn’t the best one you could possibly do.


Second, a lot of us find a workout we like and tend to stick to it. Well, our bodies are a lot smarter than that. When there is no variety in the workouts we do then our bodies hit a plateau and progress comes to a screeching halt. The key here is to find several workouts you enjoy and rotate through them on a regular basis to assure your getting the best possible gains. Its all about tricking your body into growing bigger, stronger and faster than it was before.


Last, if you’re like me then you watch a movie (like Rocky IV) and you think to yourself, “I want to look like that by summer.” Unfortunately, its mid June and summer is only 2 weeks away. While goal setting is the key to success, realistic goals have to be set to keep yourself motivated and in the gym. Otherwise your going to continue to disappoint yourself over and over again.


To conclude, when your developing workout routines remember there is a science to lifting. Strive for quality, give yourself diversity and make sure that you set goals that you can actually obtain in a reasonable amount of time.