September Service Month

Everyday of every month is dedicated to something. “National Dog Day”, “National Middle Child Day”, there is even a “National Blueberry Popsicle Day”, coming up on September 2nd, in case you were wondering.

This September, why not put some of those days, and hashtags to good use. Use September as a Service month. Pick a charity to volunteer time at, or pick a race to run in to raise money for a good cause.

Here are a couple of ideas below. These can be individual, squad or school wide events! Go on and encourage everyone you know to use time in September to do some good for the community, and for people in need.

Team Up for St. Jude Spirited by Varsity

St. Jude is a children’s research hospital that focuses on treating childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases. Their research is shared among hospitals across the country, and families are never turned away for an inability to pay. St. Jude relies on donations each and every year in order to help as many children as possible. This year, Varsity is teaming up with St. Jude to help schools get involved with raising money for their research hospitals. Interested schools can sign up on Varsity’s website. Here is how it could work; pick a major football or basketball game and make it a fundraising/awareness event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Plan a Spirit week leading up to the big game, and with the help of Varsity, your squad or your school can raise money through a variety of fundraising methods. To sign up, click here. If you have questions, or would like more information before you sign up, email [email protected]

St. Jude Walk/ Run to End Childhood Cancer

Team up with St. Jude on September 26th for a Walk/ Run in Denver to help end Childhood cancer. The race will be held at Sports Authority Field. Their goal is to raise $130,000 in Denver. You can sign up for the race as an individual, or you can create a team. Your squad or All Star Team can run to help raise money for St. Jude. To register, click here.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. During the month, spruce up your outfit with some gold accessories. Talk to your coach and ask if you can cheer a game with gold poms and megaphones. Maybe a gold bow to help spread awareness. Dedicate a practice to a “Gold Out” outfit. Make your hashtags have an impact; encourage friends and family members to donate to organizations that are helping children battle childhood cancer. Listed below are a few other organizations that you can make donations to in the month of September. Or check out their websites for other ways you can become involved to help spread awareness of childhood cancer.

Children’s Cancer Research Fund- Donate Here!

American Childhood Cancer Organization- Donate Here!

St. Baldrick’s Foundation- Donate Here!

Encourage your squad to make a difference this September!