Robin Williams Made Broncos History as First Male Cheerleader

 williams-broncos2    November 11, 1979 marked the day for Robin Williams to make history here in Colorado. Williams took the field in character as Mork from the hit show “Mork and Mindy” in very same uniforms as the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders whore that day. Williams was the first male cheerleader in Broncos history and even took part in the trotting of the Pony Express during the actual game against the New England Patriots that night. Mile High Stadium was filled with approximately 74,000 fans that evening and all eyes were definitely on him. Williams filmed this adventure to later be aired on the November 25th episode of “Mork and Mindy.” Not to mention that the Orange and Blue won that game 45-10 in the massacre of the Patriots that evening.

Williams was quite the cheerleader that night, sporting his white boots, a short mini skirt and even a halter top with an orange scarf just like the rest of the cheerleaders. He didn’t miss a beat, even in an outfit like that.

Williams was able to run out on that field, with absolutely no shame, and perform for the crowd. He had the entire crowd on their feet screaming and cheering him on. A great lesson that all of us can learn from the most talented, funniest, kindest man ever. May he rest in peace, and know that he touched the lives of so many!


Robin Williams 1951-2014