Releaving Stress With Exercise

It has been proven over and over that movement and exercise can act as a stress reliever. When the body is up and moving it creates endorphins that stimulate the body in a positive way. When the body produces these feel good endorphins you are typically distracted from your everyday worries and stress.


Now a common mistake is letting your busy schedule and loads of stress get in your way of your exercise routine. Don’t let your daily life pile up on you so much that you neglect your exercise and time for yourself. Even 30 minutes a day is better than nothing if you cannot fit in an entire workout. Practically any form of exercise or movement will count as a stress reliever to your body. so get out there and move around, workout or go throw the ball with a friend.


Exercise can act as meditation while your moving. Ever noticed that after a long practice or open gym you tend to forget the worries of your daily life. Its because the movement you put your body through contributes to the buildup of the good mood endorphins throughout your entire body. Getting out and moving and getting your mind of life for a couple minutes will make a tremendous difference in the long run.


Having trouble sleeping?

Exercise and movement can also be the answer to this problem. We get so wound up and concerned with our daily life that when it comes time to shut the body down, we can’t. The mile long list of a million things to do keeps racing through our heads. Well if we would have just gone to open gym and got in a workout then our endorphin’s would be flowing, our bodies would be tired and thus allowing us to sleep.



Exercise does incredible things for the human body. It makes us look amazing, it puts us in good moods, it help us sleep… the list goes on. Exercise and movement leads to a healthier and happier lifestyle overall for everyone. So get out there and go to open gym, to the park or even to the gym and lift.