Reaching New Horizons in the New Year

As our holiday break is in full swing, the first practices of the New Year will soon be approaching. This means our time to make improvements and reach new goals is in clear sight; this New Year is the time to shine! As you do your best to stay in shape physically and mentally, there are some other things you can do to help keep yourself motivated and excited for your team and the rest of the exciting season ahead!

Goals are something to have in mind when being an athlete, reaching a new goal in your sport is rewarding for everyone involved, especially yourself. The feeling when you get a new skill or learn a new stunt is one of the greatest feelings, you have reached a new height in the cheerleading world! Don’t let this break stop you from reaching your goals, use it to help you!

Here is some fun homework to keep you busy and motivated so when January rolls around, you have your eyes on the prize!

First things first, make a list of your goals for yourself the rest of the season. This could be a list of tumbling skills, jump combinations, flying skills, etc. but make it about you and your own personal skills.

Second, make a list of your goals for your team the rest of the season. This could be putting new stunts in, hitting 5 routines in a row, no touchdowns at practice, etc. it can be anything you want for your team by Nationals!

Last but not least, make a list of your goals for yourself for the first month back to practice. Coming back from holiday breaks can be hard on your body and mind, the hard work was put to a halt and needs to be revamped. That’s where your goals come in! Set some basic and easy goals to reach, for example, “I want to hit all of my tumbling skills in the routine and get a new pass by the end of the month”. That is a great and attainable goal; you can also make it about your team as well.

Just remember, goals are here for us to keep striving towards something! Hard work, talent, and dedication all play huge roles in making our athletes have successful and positive practices in the New Year. We cannot wait to keep improving and reach new and incredible heights in 2015!

By: Amanda Tunison