Preparing for Competitions

There are several ways to prepare for an upcoming competition. Coaches will push their athletes right up to their breaking point to achieve optimal conditioning and assure their team is as ready as they can be.  Your coach is responsible for preparing you for the physical and mental aspects of competitions. however, you have to be dressed, stretched and ready to go on competition day.


– The day before, you need to make sure you eat plenty of food and intake a large amount of water to assure your body has the nutrients necessary to perform. Nutrients to the body are like gas to car, the car can not run without gas. Much like the body can not perform without proper nutrients.

– Always shower the night before, incase you wake up late the next morning. That way your already clean and got a great nights rest.

– Make sure you pack your entire cheer bag and set out your uniform the night before. then your not running around frantic the morning of the competition looking for your competition bow or skirt.

– The morning of always double check you have every part of your uniform with you. If you can, bring extras of some things just incase.


The morning of should consist of waking up early, eating a good healthy, well balanced diet and stretching to get the body going. Make sure you have the directions to get to the competition and give yourself plenty of time to arrive there. always plan for the worst and then your excited when the best case scenario occurs.


Everyone has their very own ways of getting ready for competitions. These are simply  suggestions. You should make your own routine up for getting ready for competitions and stick to it.