If there is such a thing as the Perfect Storm, Thunder experienced it this weekend. The Team’s goal for nationals was simple…to hit two routines that they would be proud of and to have a blast doing it. The team agreed that regardless of their placement if they could accomplish this goal they would leave Nationals as winners.

However, the coaches has different ideas. Since the reestablishment of this team as a Senior 3 team in January, they knew that this group had the ability to be a contender at ANY competition. Nevertheless, the question remained, would the athletes realize this potential.

As we stood backstage about to take the floor, Thunder was excited to perform the routine that they had worked so hard on. As they had before every routine this year, Thunder proceeded to chant as they had before every full out routine “I believe that we will hit,” but there was something different this time…these ladies were confident!

Thunder had an amazing first day performance. With only small mistakes the team was happy that they had accomplished half of their goal. When the placing was announced, Thunder was thrilled to find out that they would be going into finals in 2nd place.

In the warm up room on Sunday there was no doubt on any athletes’ face that they were going to hit the perfect routine. And that was exactly what they did! It was a performance that brought tears to every athlete and coach’s eyes!

They had accomplished their goal and hit two amazing routines! Thunder knew they were already winners, but now it was time to see where the judges had placed them.

The judges agreed and Thunder was announced as the USA Large Senior 3 Nationals Champions beating out an extremely talented Pacific Coast Magic team!