North Metro Elite Cheerleader of the Week- Kayla N. – May 30th

Cheerleader of the Week

Kayla N.

Congratulations to Kayla N. for being selected as the North Metro Elite cheerleader of the week! Kayla is new to NME, but her positive attitude and willingness to try anything has already made a huge impact with the staff. Kayla is a member of the Niwot cheer team. She attends her tumbling class, and an optional drop in tumbling class each week determined to improve her skills. Her flexibility has already improved dramatically, as well as her technique in her standing back handspring. We cannot wait to see all of the progress Kayla will make this season!

Keep up the hard work Kayla!

Get to know our Cheerleader of the Week:

What grade are you in?

“Incoming sophomore.”

What school do you go to?

“Niwot High School.”

How long have you been cheering?

“One year, this will be my second.” 

How long have you been a part of The North Metro Elite Family?

“This is my first year here.” 

What do you like to do with your free time when you’re not cheering?

“I love shopping and watching T.V in my free time.” 

What is your favorite part about being at North Metro Elite?

“I love the positivity and I have improved on my tumbling so much.” 

Favorite part of a cheerleading routine?

“I love the part after stunting (sequence or pyramid), because I love the relief I get after hitting the stunt.” 

What is your favorite Tumbling skill?

“I like back handsprings now that I am close to getting mine.” 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I hope to be a fashion blogger, but it would be very fun to be a cheer coach.” 


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