Motivational Monday

As our competitive season wraps up, the main focus for our athletes turns from having successful competitions with their teams to achieving new skills preparing for upcoming tryouts. Here are a few tips on how to master the mental aspect of skill building.

Most athletes will come into the gym and ask our staff how do I achieve this skill. Our coaching staff can explain the technique of the skill and work progressions with athletes; however, one of the main aspects that are holding athletes back from achieving the new skill is their mind. A common phrase that I tell my athletes when they are trying to achieve a goal is “I can and I will”. Athletes need to believe that they are not only capable of achieving their goal but they are going to achieve it.

Athletes, when you are faced with the fear of a new skill, take a moment and say “I can and I will”. When you truly believe this saying, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving your goal!