Team size: 20
Age Range: 9 – 15
Coaches: Elijuan and Megan

Special: Monsoon has overcome obstacles with numerouas injuries throughout the season and have come out stronger in the end. The coaches have been impressed with their ability to quickly pick up more advanced skills (especially with stunts) this season.

Strength of Routine: The best part of their routine is their pyramid. It has a lot of difficulty and creativity. When it hits, it brings the crowd to its feet!

“This team has come together, more than any other team I’ve coached. I’ve never seen a team have more of a passion for this sport and I feel very lucky to have been able to coach them this season!” – Coach Megan
“I can count on each athlete to perform their best, with a complete understanding of their level and what their routine requires” – Coach Elijuan

2012/13 Competition results to date:
UCA – 1st place
WSA – 1st place
Spirit for Change – 2nd place
American Legacy – 2nd place
America’s Best – 1st place