Our primary mission at Rocky Mountain Elite has always been to provide the best quality instruction with the greatest opportunity to allow our athletes to grow and learn new skills each season.  


With that being said, we are excited to announce that Rocky Mountain Elite and Cherry Creek Elite are joining together to become United Elite All-Stars.  With the combination of the excellent coaching staff from both facilities this partnership is a guaranteed success.  By joining our athletes as well as our knowledgeable training staff together, we will be providing more teams, levels, and will increase the overall progression for our athletes to achieve success throughout the gym. 

In addition to Rocky Mountain Elite’s current staff, we will be welcoming new additions to form the United Elite instructional staff that hands down will be the most experiences instructional staff in the state of Colorado!

While not only uniting our coaching staffs, we feel confident that by uniting our families and athletes together we will continue the path of becoming the STRONGEST program in the state of Colorado.

We are very excited to announce the new colors for United Elite are royal blue, columbia blue, and black.  Since we will be taking the cheerleading world by STORM, this will be the new mascot of United Elite.  Uniforms and logos were recently designed to showcase our new program and a sneak peek will available very soon.      

While the complete merging of our two gyms will take time, our athletes will continue to train with the best of both facilities and remain a part of what we call our United Family!  We can’t wait to begin the 2012-2013 United Elite All-Star season!