Meet the Staff – Shaun Jones

We are pleased to announce a new segment of articles introducing you to our Elite Cheerleading Staff.

Meet the Staff:

Shaun Jones

Shaun is a graduate of the University of Illinois where he originally planned on running track and field but ended up cheering instead. He has coached, choreographed and worked for the Universal Cheerleaders Association for 15 years. He has been a national level judge for UCA, Cheersport, American Championships, Jamfest, Champion Spirit Group, WSA, and the Athletic Championships. as well as several local and state competitions. Shaun is a former VROC! choreographer and has been mixing music for routines for over 10 years. Shaun is an owner and serves as the Vice President of Staff Development for Elite Cheerleading Services

Get to know our Elite Staff Member:

How long have you been a part of the Cheerleading Industry?

“17 years”

What University did you attend?

“I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Communications and Political Science”

How long have you been coaching and what team(s) have you/do you coach?

“I have been coaching for 15 years. I have had the opportunity to work with The Universal Cheerleaders Association as a Head Instructor, college staff member and core staff member. I previously coached Northern Illinois University, Wurzburg Black Paws (Germany), Highlands Ranch High School, Douglas County High School. I have served as a national level judge for UCA, Cheersport, American Championships, Jamfest, Champion Spirit Group, WSA and Athletic Championships. I am also a former VROC! choreographer and have spent 10 plus years mixing music for cheerleading routines.” 

Notable Achievements:

“I coached the first Rocky Mountain Elite team (Polar Bears) to qualify for the USASF Worlds.  I have also won the UCA Vet of the Year and Head Instructor of the Year awards.”

What was your favorite part of a being a cheerleader?

“The game day experience…nothing beats the sound of thousands of fans in a packed stadium on game day!”

What is your favorite part about coaching?

“Being there when the “light bulb clicks” and an athlete finally realizes their potential.