Meet the Staff – Scott Nattrass

We are pleased to announce a new segment of articles introducing you to our Elite Cheerleading Staff.

Meet the Staff:

Scott Nattrass

Scott is a graduate of Colorado State University where he also served as the cheerleading coach for 8 years. Scott has been with Universal Cheerleaders Association for 18 years where he has served as a Head Instructor, a Core Staff member and College Staff member. He has been a national level judge at the NHSCC, the UCA International All Star Championship, UCA College Nationals, USA College and All Star Nationals as well as numerous local and state competitions. Scott has choreographed a variety of national level high school, college, and all star teams throughout the county. Scott is one of the founding partners and current CEO of Elite Cheerleading Services, the parent company of four nationally competitive cheerleading training facilities in Colorado. Scott is also the UCA Midwest Director of Operations, Curriculum and Customer Service. 

Get to know our Elite Staff Member:

How long have you been a part of the Cheerleading Industry?

“25 years”

What University did you attend?

“I graduated from Colorado State University  with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science”

How long have you been coaching and what team(s) have you/do you coach?

“I have been coaching for 18+ years. I have coached at Colorado State University as well as numerous High School and All Star teams. I am currently coaching The University of Colorado at Boulder’s All Girl and COED cheer teams.” 

Notable Achievements:

“I placed 2nd at UCA College Nationals in the COED Partner Stunt Competition”

What was your favorite part of a being a cheerleader?

“Football Game Day.”

What is your favorite part about coaching?

“When athletes learn to create their own success.