Meet the Staff – Jennie Beard

We are pleased to continue our segment of articles introducing you to our Elite Cheerleading Staff.

Meet the Staff:

Jennie Beard

This week we are very excited to introduce you to our good friend and coach Jennie Beard! Jennie is one of the most passionate and genuine coaches you will ever have the chance of meeting. She lives for all star cheerleader and has made a huge impact on our teams with her wealth of knowledge and eye for detail. She is the type of coach that comes in with a plan and won’t leave until she accomplishes every goal. Jennie builds relationships with all of the athletes in the gym that last for years beyond the season. Kids will often come back in the gym after aging out and come running in to hug her. When she coaches she does so by the motto of “It’s not up to you how you fall. It’s up to you how far you let yourself fall and how long it takes you to get back up and stand on your own two feet.” by Sr. Tac Jeffery Mitchell. If you ever want to chat about all star or get some get advice, stop in at United Elite and start a conversation with Jennie, you won’t be disappointed. 

Get to know our Elite Staff Member:

How long have you been a part of the Cheerleading Industry?

“I have been involved in cheerleading for over 15 years!”

What University did you attend?

“I attended Metropolitan State University of Denver.”

How long have you been coaching and what team(s) have you/do you coach?

“I have been coaching for 11 years. I have previously coached the Peak Athletics Stars, MSU Denver All Girl, Apex All Stars Junior COED Level 3, and Mountain Vista High School JV. I currently coach United Elite Tsunami Junior 2 and have coached them for the last 3 seasons.”

Notable Achievements:

“I have won numerous National Championships and have placed in the top 4 at the UCA International Championship the last three seasons.  “

What was your favorite part of a being a cheerleader?

“The feeling you get right before you take the mat at a competition. All the nerves, the nervous pee feeling, the “wait what is my routine again” thought even though you had done it thousands and thousands of time at the gym. Knowing that the countless hours in the gym, all of the pain, sweat and tears are about to pay off. Their is no better feeling stepping off the mat wit the rush of emotions knowing the work was worth it.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

“Watching the athletes I have coached grow not only as athletes but as individuals. I love being able to turn in impossible into possible when it comes to the team(s) I coach.”