Meet the Staff – Emily Myers

We are pleased to continue our new segment of articles introducing you to our Elite Cheerleading Staff.

Meet the Staff:

Emily Myers

This week we have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to Emily Myers! Emily goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. She is the type of coach and person who will help anyone become successful. Emily can see every little detail during routines and can tell you exactly how to fix any problems. Emily is an extremely competitive person and will not stop until she has mastered everything. She has won multiple National and Worlds titles including two amazing back to back Team USA group stunt wins! Whether she is on the floor competing or coaching her athletes Emily is dedicated to every single person and task. Emily’s wealth of knowledge and talent is one in a million. Make sure to stop by United Elite for a chance to catch up with her, you won’t regret it!

Get to know our Elite Staff Member:

How long have you been a part of the Cheerleading Industry?

“14 years”

What University did you attend?

“I attended Hawaii Pacific University,where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

How long have you been coaching and what team(s) have you/do you coach?

“I have been coaching for 10 years. I have been a UCA Staff  member for 9 years and was previously the Hawaii Pacific University Small Coed Graduate Assistant Coach. Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago I have coached Thunder (2012-13), Monsoon and Hurricanes (2013-14), Hurricanes and Lightning (2014-15). This season I am coaching Monsoon and Hurricanes.
While living in Hawaii I coached Iolani High School and I currently coach Regis Jesuit High School (2013 to present).”

Notable Achievements:

“2007 NCA Small Coed National Champion
2008 NCA Small Coed National Champion
2010 UCA All Girl Stunt Group National Champions
2010 ICU World Champion All Girl with Team USA
2010 ICU World Champion All Girl Stunt Group with Team USA
2011 NCA Small Coed National Champion
2011 ICU World Champion All Girl with Team USA
2011 ICU World Champion All Girls Stunt Group with Team USA
2012 NCA Small Coed National Champion (Assistant Coach)
2012 NCA Large Coed National Champion
2013 USA All Star Large Senior 3 National Champions (Coach)

What was your favorite part of a being a cheerleader?

“Cheerleading has brought me so many amazing opportunities and memories. However, I believe that my favorite was being apart of the Hawaii Pacific University OHANA. In Hawaiian, OHANA means family. Our program was just one very large family. The love and support that was present in our program between all teams is indescribable. Having the opportunity to do what we love, live in Hawaii, and have each other’s support is something that I will never forget.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

“My favorite part of coaching is being able to watch the moment when an athlete’s hard work pays off. Regardless of their goal, watching an athlete reach their potential and realize all their efforts was worth it is the best part of my job.