Team size: 31

Age Range: 12 – 19

Category: Medium Allgirl Senior Level 5

Coaches: Shaun, Megan and Tim

Special: Lightning is the highest level team at United Elite and its sole purpose throughout the year has been preparing for Nationals in an attempt to receive a Worlds Bid!  This team has been forced a number of obstacles throughout the season including multiple injuries as well as a roster that includes over 50% of it’s athletes on competitive high school teams. For a team that has only been together for one year, Lightnings ability to  achieve higher level skills quickly has been amazing!!

Strength of Routine: The noticeable strength of Lightnings routine is in the opening basket tosses. Lightning opens up with 6 hitch kick double basket tosses that never fail to bring the crowd to its feet. However, recently at the 2013 UCA International Cheerleading Championship, a twitter spokesman for UCA referred to Lightning as “the tic toc queens, they happen so fast,”  referencing a part of the routine where the girls giddy up to liberty and immediately performs 3 high to high tic tocs before transitioning through several body positions and ending with a double down dismount!


2012/13 Competition results to date:

UCA – 1st place

WSA – 1st place

IMG_0293American Grand – 3rd place

American Legacy – 1st place

UCA IASC – 6th place – At-Large WORLDS BID!!