Life Lessons Through Cheerleading

Our competitive cheerleading world is not just about the skills you can acquire or the competitions, there is so much more to gain from being on a team like this. One of the most valuable things I took away from my many years of competitive cheerleading were the lessons I had learned throughout my experience. I grew immensely as a person and learned more about myself than I would have anywhere else. I am grateful for my time growing up as an all-star cheerleader and I want to continue sharing those lessons with new blossoming faces eager to succeed in this sport. There are many lessons I learned and I overall bettered myself to be able to handle real life situations.

Lesson #1: One of the biggest lessons I learned was to never give up or quit! This seems cliché but it is so true and I couldn’t stress this enough. I never realized the will power and mental stability it took to push through any situation. Any hardship that may come my way, it is not in my vocabulary to give up. This lesson instilled in my practices and cheerleading career has been brought into my adult life now and I have been able to get through anything if I put my mind to it.

Lesson #2: Another big lesson I learned was to face my fears and to ask for help. Cheerleading can be filled with a lot of new things and those new things can be scary. That is completely normal and okay; fear is a natural emotion. The biggest thing I learned was that I couldn’t let fear get in the way of what I wanted. When I first joined my team, I was scared to do the simplest tumbling passes. Anything made me nervous and I dreaded practices, but through asking my teammates for help and having a coach that didn’t give up on me, I made it through. You learn to face your fears, get back on the mat and try again. I took this lesson into my adult life as well by moving across the country for college, then even moving here to Colorado. New things are scary, change can be scary, but I learned to embrace it and not let fear lead anything in my life.


These are two of the most important things I took away from my long and memorable all-star cheerleading experience and I know that many other close friends of mine, who are former teammates, feel the same way. Cheerleading isn’t just about flipping around the mat and competitions, sometimes it is just about learning through a wonderful and hardworking experience. I grew with my teammates and bonded through our hardships, the ups and downs brought us together. I sincerely hope this new seasons brings more hard work, excitement, growth, and unity for all of us!

Go Elite!

By:Amanda Tunison