Increase Flexibility to Reduce Injuries

verspagatFlexibility is the joints ability to move through its entire range of motion. When you train for flexibility your able to even out or balance your muscles if for some reason one side may be used more than the other from physical activity.

Flexibility training not only reduces your risk of injury but will also increase your body’s overall performance. The more flexible a joint is the better it is able to run through the entire range of motions, at the same time it takes less energy to move through these motions. Stretching is extremely effective at reducing the drag and resistance within the tissue fibers.

Reduced risk of injury and increased performance are not the only benefits of flexibility. Your body is going to feel all around better while your posture will improve at the same time. Stretching helps align the tissue fibers that hold you body up in the right position, thus takes a lot less energy to keep your body upright during daily activity. Flexibility will also lead to less lower back pain by promoting muscle relaxation. At the same time stretching increases the temperature of your muscles which in turn increases blood flow and nutrient absorption.

All in all, increased flexibility is going to lead to an increased lifestyle all around. It is going to be easier to move your body, your going to be able to get into a lot more positions, you will experience less pain and ultimately have less chance of injury.