How to work on flexibility at home

It is very important in any sport to stretch and work on flexibility. This is even more apparent for the sport of cheerleading. Below are some tips to help with your athlete’s flexibility.

1. Set up a stretching routine for yourself. Do your routine twice a day, once at the beginning of your day and one at the end of your day

2. Be sure to warm up first. Stretching cold muscles can cause harm to your body. (You can run, jog in place, jumping jacks, etc)

3. Plan out your routine. Example Routine… Hold each stretches anywhere from 30 seconds – 1 min. Do a straddle (right, left, center), pike, side twists, splits (right, left, center), wrist and ankle stretches, bridges (pushing through your shoulders)

4. If you are at competition or before practice be sure not to ‘over-stretch.’ This can cause a loss of strength and stability for the time just after stretching.

5. Be careful during stretches. You don’t want to bounce, this causes tears and pulled muscles. Stretching can hurt if you’re doing it right but don’t overdo it.

These are just some basic tips to help your athlete work on their flexibility outside of the gym!