How to Not Let Holiday Breaks Get the Best of You

Thanksgiving and winter break are just around the corner and with holiday breaks comes fewer practices to keep your body conditioned. Although you may think a couple hours of practice doesn’t make a difference, you will feel the pain when practices roll around once again. Now I am here to help you counteract that pain and struggle so that you can come back from holidays break feeling strong rather than having major struggles in your routine.

Step 1- Eat nutritious foods, but not too much. When any holiday hits, we tend to eat lots and lots of food with our family and friends. Do it! Each lots of yummy food, but the night before practices try to slow it down. Eat some healthy carbs and lean protein that will fuel your body for the next day or two of practices.

Step 2- Condition your body! Yes, of course I am asking you to work out a little bit. A body in motion stays in motion! So the little things will matter and help you when practices start again, you do not want a body that rests numerous days straight. That will make for a really hard first practice when you come back from break. Help yourself, your team, and your coaches so we can all improve rather than fall behind!

Some exercises that you can do: Stretching is so important! Running and walking around your neighborhood, going up and down stairs for 5 minutes, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, walking on your toes and heels, etc. Even the smallest and simplest workouts will help keep your body in motion and you will feel a difference come practices after break.

Step 3- Stay hydrated and get some rest! Now that it is getting colder, I hear some athletes say that they are not thirsty or that they do not want water because it is cold. Try not to let this happen to you, water is amazing for you always! Being hydrated is more important than having enough food in your body; we need lots of water to survive so fuel up! Also, since you do have a break, give yourself some time to relax and sleep. Give your body and mind some time to chill out and be ready for the awesome and exciting practices and competitions we have ahead of us this season!

If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your coaches because we are here to help you grow and thrive as cheerleaders and we are excited for you!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Cheerleading!

By: Amanda Tunison