How to Make the Most out of Practices

It seems like just yesterday it was August and teams were learning their routines and kids were working their butts off to get those special skills in the routine. The excitement, drive, and overall energy in the gym were something you couldn’t deny. That is what makes champions, the love for cheerleading and the determination to learn and grow no matter what hard work that means. And aren’t we all here because this is what we love to do?!

Finding that positive energy from August is easy to do, it comes in waves throughout the season. With injuries, missed practices, and overall exhaustion can take a toll on a practice and the entire team but how do we stray away from that? You hold each other accountable! Every struggle that happens in the cheerleading world is understandable, but if you have a team rallying behind you and supporting you to push through, don’t you think you will get a better outcome?

The more you support and encourage your teammates, the more success you will have for Nationals. It is easy to get caught up in your own problems in the routine, but if you get your mind off of yourself and cheer on someone else…you will see a major difference in practices.

Holding your teammates accountable does not mean yelling at them for not doing something or getting angry, it means talking through the struggles in the routine and working together to make the struggles dissipate. Talking on the competition mat will make or break your routine.

Imagine if every single team members cheered on someone in every section of your routine, how awesome would that be? You would hear people talking and supporting each other the entire time. The hard tumbling pass for your friend might be easier now cause you just encouraged them, that stunt might stick now because you gave them motivation.

It really is that easy to make improvements, just use your encouraging words more these next few weeks and see what greatness you can reach for Nationals!

By: Amanda Tunison