How is Cheerleading Beneficial to Athletes?

Cheerleading as a sport has continued to grow in popularity over the past decade. With all the increase in interest some may ask how beneficial cheerleading could actually be to it’s participants.  Well, let’s take a look…

Physical benefits  – like any other sport, cheerleading has a great impact on an athlete’s fitness level.  Along with this, the sport encourages its athletes to make healthy lifestyle choices that will not only benefit them while they’re  on the team, but also for life.

It encourages a strong sense of team work.  Cheerleading is a sport where each athlete is dependent on the next.  When everyone isn’t present or isn’t giving 100%, it just doesn’t work.  In the same way, the teamwork dependent environment teaches athletes to encourage their teammates to always give their best while pushing themselves all at the same time.

The sport creates an indescribable bond.  The bond and trust between teammates that is needed for cheerleading is a tall order.  After all if you don’t trust someone, how can you trust them to throw you in the air and catch you on the way down?  The bond between teammates is a strong and lasting one – most friendships that you make in the sport go way past the boundaries of the mat and last longer than just the time you’re on the team together.

Cheerleading fosters learning time management and organizational skills.  Practices, games, competitions… all at the same time as school work and functions, and for some perhaps even a job.  The amount of organization and time management needed to keep everything up to date is a great lesson for later on in life.

Not to mention financial benefits.  That’s right, I  said financial!  Lots of college programs offer scholarships to their cheer teams.  Not only do you get to participate in a sport that you love, cheer at games with tons of fans, and have some travel opportunities while you’re getting a college education, you could actually help yourself graduate with less debt!

And who could forget the importance of instilling self-confidence?  Working with a team to achieve a goal boosts athletes’ self confidence ten-fold!  Let’s be honest, who couldn’t use a little more self-confidence every now and then?