Team size: 20

Age Range: 12-18


Coaches: Keith and Laura

Special: Hail is made up of girls ages 12-18. Half of Hails roster are crossovers to another UNITED competitive team.  This shows how strong in all skills, and, how dedicated Hail athletes are to their sport. The team has also overcome obstacles at the start of year which included injuries, and, new individuals joining following the first two competitions. Hail has been the definition of a competitive team, striving to improve with each performance. As a coaching staff we have seen Hail grow to a team that dreams of performing a perfect routine, and we know that Hail will perform that ‘Dream Routine’ both days at USA Nationals. Hail is a team that defines themselves not on their standing amongst their competition, but how they compare to the team that Hail was yesterday.

Strength of Routine: One of the strongest parts cleanliness that the athletes maintain throughout the entire routine.  In, addition, their opening stunt series starts strong, and, is a great way to showcase the skills for that level. The part that makes United Elite the most proud is that many of Hail’s athletes are training tumbling skills higher than level 2, which allows Hail to maximize our points in tumbling because of comfortable they are performing the required skills.

Team Quote: “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

2012/13 Competition results to date:

UCA – 2nd place

WSA – 1st place

Spirit for Change – 1st place

American Legacy – 1st place

America’s Best – 1st place