Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving has always been a time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. We gather with our friends and family and especially give thanks to all that we are grateful for. This Thanksgiving, Colorado Elite has come up with a list of what we are thankful for in cheerleading. Write down some of your ideas of what you are thankful for this week, whether it is cheerleading, another sport or activity, or simply anything in your every day life. Our list might vary in some aspects to your list, but I think we can all agree, we are definitely thankful for the sport of cheerleading!

20 Reasons why we are Thankful for Cheerleading this Season:

Cheering is fun!

Great friendships.

Challenges and pushing past them.

Trying new things and giving us confidence.

The differences cheerleaders are making in the community.

Cheer bows!

Wowing the crowd with strong skills!

Being a role model for younger and older athletes.

Teammates becoming family.

The coaches.

Those #1 fans in the crowd, the “taxi” to practices, the parents!

Having the opportunity to cheer and do what we love.

The competitions!

Getting better with each competition.

Learning new tumbling skills and perfecting competition skills.

Experiences and lessons learned.

Achieving goals.

Performing the dances!

Themed practices.

Being a part of another family besides our own, a cheerleading family.