Getting Back in The Swing of Things

Returning to cheer practice after a long break can certainly prove to be a mighty task. Even taking a couple of days off of a workout schedule can dramatically affect an athlete’s body. Soreness, aches and pains will accompany the restart of your normal practice schedule. The most common pains that athletes endure is simple muscle soreness, which will ultimately go away in a couple days by itself.


Now you’ve had the rest your mind and body needed. All those injuries have healed, your mind is cleared and you’re ready to get back training for nationals. Now your coaches are going to push you hard to get back into shape while increasing your routine’s difficulty. Here are a couple easy remedies for muscle soreness and body aches that you will experience:


Ice is going to be your best friend. Cold therapy is going to reduce the swelling and soreness of muscles and allow you to train again the next day easier. The cold therapy acts as a catalyst to constrict the blood vessels and restricting blood flow to the affected areas thus, easing the pain level associated with endurance and muscle training.


Some parts of the body are going to be most vulnerable to pain, such as wrists, ankles and knees. Elevation of these body parts above your heart when they are sore is going to allow the body to reduce blood flow and swelling.


Another trick to reduce pain is compression of the various areas that may be hurting. Compression wrap is going to also reduce blood flow to areas of the body. It is important to remember that there are proper techniques that have been developed to wrap parts of the body. Some of these techniques may need to be learned directly from a trainer, so do not attempt to wrap yourself because this may actually cause more damage than aid to your body.


A common theme you may see here is to reduce blood flow to the affected areas. This is going to ultimately reduce the overall amount of swelling and pain that is felt. As you return to practice after a break your coaches are going to push you to your limits to get back in shape and your body is going to want to quit. You cannot let your body allow you to quit; you cannot let the aches stop you. It is up to you how hard you can push yourself. Just remember that every athlete has felt these very same aches and feelings of quitting. That is how National Champions are made!


Jon Morrell