Elite Three Star System

Last season, Elite used a tumbling tracking chart to help our All Star athletes see which tumbling skills they have earned. Throughout the season, athletes were able to add stars to the tracking board, which helped them see their progress and motivate them to earn the next level skill.

This season, Elite is stepping it up a notch. Not only are we using our tracking charts for our All Star Athletes, but also for our Recreational Tumbling Classes.  In order to illustrate growth in our athletes tumbling skills, we have moved to a three star system.

Each location will have three colored stars; Bronze, Silver and their Gym Specific Color (Blue, Purple, Red or Orange). During an evaluation week, the coaches will be looking for specific improvements to an athletes tumbling skill in order to earn the next color. For reference, will use a standing back handspring to help explain the differences between each color star.

For the Bronze Star, the coach is looking for a completed skill. This star is earned when an athlete has learned their standing back handspring, and throws the skill when asked, but is still working on mastering the technique and building confidence in the skill.

For the Silver Star, the coach is looking for a consistent skill. The athlete is now more comfortable with their standing back handspring, but the athlete is still struggling with some specific parts of the skill, such as performing the skill with consistent form.

For the Gym Specific color star, the coach is looking for a mastered skill. The athlete has now mastered the technique required to throw a standing back handspring, they are always on count when throwing with the team and stick and stand the skill every time. Another way to think of a mastered skill is a skill that can be executed successfully on multiple surfaces, like the cheer floor, grass or even a rubberized track surface.

We are excited to watch all of our Recreational and All Star athletes grow this season! We hope everyone ends with Blue, Purple, Red or Orange stars on all of their skills!