Elite High School Spotlights: ThunderRidge JV

Elite High School Spotlight


This week we are featuring the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders from ThunderRidge High School.Thunder Ridge JV is a pleasure to work with. Every week they come into the gym full of energy. They also come in singing the newest popular song which also comes with a dance move which is usually performance many times during practice. They are a very talented group of individuals who surprise me every week with the skills they are accomplishing. My favorite thing to work with them on is pyramids. They are very skilled at them and are constantly wanting more difficulty. Their success with pyramids makes them the ultimate team because it takes every athlete’s full effort to make it successful. Working with them is truly a wonderful experience.

Get to know

        ThunderRidge High School Junior Varsity Cheerleaders


5A Junior Varsity Coed 



Head Coaches:

Head JV Coach: Chris Nelson aka “Nelly” 

Head Program Coach: Mandy Martinez 

Captain’s Names:

Kira Mason and Annalysa Moralesill 

What is special about your team?

“We are always energetic, we are unique because we are all weird.”

What is your team’s motto?

“Have fun with it”

“they look good but they go nada”


What traditions does your team have?

“Before leagues we get ready together at someone’s house.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“Our goals is to make finals at State and then hopefully nationals. We would also like to have team back handsprings.”