Elite High School Spotlight: Regis Jesuit High School Varsity

Elite High School Spotlight 

Regis Jesuit High School Varsity

Today we are featuring the Varsity Cheerleaders from Regis Jesuit High School! Working with Regis Jesuit is always a great time. From the time they walk in the door, to the time the leave they leave they never stop smiling! Even in the toughest of practices, their attitudes never become negative. While being positive is one of their best attributes, their ability to work hard is by far their best quality. No matter how crazy my ideas may be, they never stop trying. With those two qualities this team can go very far!

Get to know

Regis Jesuit High School Varsity


5A Varsity All Girl 



Head Coach:

Emily Myers 

Assistant Coach:

Courtney Byrne 

Captain Names:

Mia H, Debbie L, and Alexa D

What is special about your team?

“At Regis Jesuit our sisterhood is the most important thing to us. We make sure that we create a loving supportive environment on and off the mat. We are truly more than just a team to each other we are sisters, a family! With this close relationship, it makes it easy for us to trust each other on the mat. We also make sure to have a little fun every time we are together! We never leave practice without having a least one good laugh!”

 What is your team’s motto?

“Keep it weird.”

What traditions does your team have?

“We have team lunches or dinners before competitions to get ready together.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“We want to hit the best routine that we are capable of doing and have fun doing it.”