Elite High School Spotlight: Rangeview Varsity



Rangeview Varsity is one of the most determined and hardworking teams we have the pleasure of working with. When they are faced with obstacles, they attack them head on. We know that no obstacle will keep this team from success. Rangeview has already reached so many of their goals this season, we know they will continue to surpass them with the rest of the season.

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Get to know


Location you attend:

United Elite


5A All Girl



Head Coaches:

Lillie K Dean-Hoy

Assistant Coach:

Betty Gessesse and Ashante Criag 


Head Captain- Olivia M

Assistant Captains- Heysel A, Maliah C and Liv S

What is special about your team?

“This team is made of almost all veterans that have been with us for at least three years. We have a handful of newbies that have stepped up to the plate and matched the veterans skill. It has been very special to see these athletes grow for the last three and four years, and it was a big part of the decision to attend UCA Nationals. 18 of the 22 varsity members are veterans to the program.”

What rituals motivate your team for success?

“Extreme fun and extreme challenge. This team is all about the extremes and there is nothing in the middle. They have themed practices like throwback Thursday when they wear old cheer gear or color stunt groups. The coaches stunt with them and they condition based on how many times coach hits more or less than they do. They are also very good in challenging situations, this team is actually the best when they are under pressure. It has been a challenge to motivate a team with so many veterans who are a little burned out, so we have had to get very extreme.”

What traditions does your team have?

“We have lots of traditions but some of them are: we have a team dress fancy day during the week of state, we have themed practices, we sing the school song with our varsity teams at the end of games, win or lose, we have coach story telling time, and every year we have a theme. This year our theme is “Dominate and dream big”!”

What is your team goal for the upcoming Competition Season?

“Our goal this year was to qualify for nationals. We really didn’t have a placement goal, we just wanted to qualify because Rangeview has never competed at UCA nationals. We achieved that goal in November at the Mile High Regionals. Our new goal is to get everyone to Nationals healthy and happy.”